Oxford Oximiser 601 Battery Charger


Oxford Oximiser 601 Battery Charger


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Spare yourself money and hassle - maintenance-charge your batteries! Complete and smart charger from Oxford.

Batteries that sit for long periods of time without being charged are easily damaged by sulfation and have the potential to be completely destroyed. This comprehensive battery charger from Oxford can handle all types of batteries up to 30 Ah.

*Maintenance-charging for a long time; connect to the charger and forget about it for a few months, no problem!
*Saves seriously under-charged batteries.
*Protection against misconnection and shorting.
*Comes with wall mount, alligator clip and fast cable for permanent mounting on the bike.

Can be used for motorcycles, cycle, boat, etc.

Charging strength: 600 ma/h
Maximum battery size: 30 Ah

About the brand

Oxford is a leading provider of security products, clothing, helmets and other equipment for motorcycle and snowmobile. When you choose a product from Oxford, you can be sure that it is reliable and promises the best quality and durability..

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