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A9 Bike Shine

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A9 Bike Shine creates a glow on your bike and makes it feel like new again!

The spray leaves a protective "film" which gives a nice glossy finish which also makes it difficult for dirt and insects to stick.
A9 Bike Shine can be used on metal, chrome, painted surfaces, rubber and plastic. The glossy surface also makes the next clean easier.

A9 is manufactured in Germany.
After successful testing, we know that this spray really gives a long lasting gloss!

-Shake well before use, spray on from 20cm-30cm distance. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.
-Leaves a smooth surface that protects your paint and your metal parts from corrosion.


About the brand

A9 Racing oils are designed to withstand the most extreme environments that can exist in motocross and on-road riding. A9 racing oils offer a full range of products that are developed and tested by active riders! With A9 Racing oils you sure that you get quality and a well-functioning product! http://www.a9oil.com/.

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